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Lumii Rope Ratchet Light Hangers (2 Pack)

Adjust height of reflectors for maximum light. Quick release carabineer clips & 2.4 metres of tough braided polypropylene rope. Durable & heat resistant.

Lumii Plug-In HID Horticultural Lighting Timer

Light timer designed for high loads from 600w ballasts. This means no separate contactor is required, saving you money.

Lumii Sunblaster Dual Spectrum Grow Lamps

Provide your plants with all the lumens it needs with this range of Lumii sun blasters

Lumii Extension Link Lead 5m

Get your lights where they need to be with this 5m extension lead.

Lumii Aerotube

Innovative inline air cooled reflector to stop plants from burning when used with ducting & fans.

Powerplant Plug-In HID Horticultural Lighting Timer

Ordinary timers can't handle high inductive loads. These are different & can handle your ballasts & light set-up!

Secret Jardin T-LED Propagation / Supplementary Lights

Growing your cuttings through to fully established plants (before flowering) can be a challenging business, particularly when trying to keep

Lumii Lift Adjustable Hanging System (Pack of 2)

Easy to use premium adjustable reflector/light hangers. In packs of 2. Multi-buy deals available.