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Lumii Green LED Head Torch

Dont disrupt your plants light cycle by using this green led headtorch when your lights are out.

Hydrofarm Trellis Netting

Heavy-duty polyester trellis support for growing crops. Helps produce larger, quicker, heavier & healthier harvests. Essential kit.

Hydrogarden Plant Bends

Use to train leaves or stems to ensure a plant receives as much light as possible.

Shield GD21 Blue Disposable Gloves

Blue nitrile powder free gloves which are strong, resistant, and durable whilst ensuring good dexterity.

BlueLab EC Truncheon

Take a reading of nutrient solution strength before administering to plants.

PLANT!T Water Timer

Automate your irrigation system? Control and time your water flow with this simple device.

Digital Series Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer

Display heat and humdity while remembering the min/max for each. Essential grow area kit.

PlantIt Watering Ring 200mm

This Watering ring is perfect for use with DIY kits or systems and comes with a T piece which can be attached to 13mm tubing.