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Hydrogarden Round Heavy Duty Plastic Saucers

Heavy duty, deep-ridge based, re-usable saucers for use with pots. Aid drainage & helps stop spillages, keeping grow areas clean.

Hydrogarden Round Plastic Grow Pots

Round plastic grow pots. Essential to any serious indoor grows. Holes in bottom. Can be used in numerous systems.

Root Nurse Cloth Round Dirt Pots

Strength-tested, breathable fabric & reinforced seams. These cloth planters have a number of advantages such as aeration & drainage. Available in range of sizes and quantities.

Boyu Air Pumps

Range of low-noise air pumps in varied sizes and capacity. High quality & long working life.

Flexi-Tank Collapsible Water Reservoir

Space saving durable reservoir
Full autopot parts/accessories range.

Autopots Parts & Accessories – Full Range

Full range of parts & accessories Autopot systems. Get them much cheaper in bulk!

Autopot Flexi-Tubing Hose

Spare or extra flexi-tubing for use with an Autopot System.

Autopot Single Module XL

The revolutionary Autopot system makes easy work out of your growing requirements & will take care of all of your plants needs.