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NPK Mighty Wash

Fast-acting killer of spider-mites and eggs. Thoroughly spray on plants for immediate effect.

Hydrogarden Nite Nite Spidermite – 250ml

kill spider mite! Forms afine film on leaves causing spider mites and similar tiny pests to be immobilised, leading to their demise.

Vitalink Chill

For encouraging plants to thrive at temperatures above 30 degrees. Prevents flower abortion, heat stress & increases growth hormones.

Plant Magic Bugicide Foliar spray

Control of a wide range of pests and mildew safely and effectively.

Guard ‘n’ Aid Insect Catcher – Pack of 5

Biodegradable & pesticide free sticky catchers to control insects in grow spaces.

Hotbox Sulfume Sulphur Burner

Fights fungal diseases such as Mildew, Botrytis and Black Spot, as well as pests, in your grow area.

Guard’n’Aid Thrip 250ml

Insecticide specially developed for use against Thrips at larval, adult and egg stages.

Guard’n’Aid PestOFF Plus

Smoke generators for controlling insects in hard to reach areas of grow spaces. For professional use.